Embracing Digital

robert-dahl-smyckeWhy not?

Working in the digital medium is just as challenging and fun as traditional. There is of course the drawback of not getting the tactile feedback when working but the benefits will make up for that.

The learning process, or learning curve if you will, to become a decent artist has not changed but the many advantages working digital will speed this process up.  It is a numbers game when it comes to learning and very much so when painting and drawing. The ability to instantly do/undo pretty much everything you put down on the canvas is a huge advantage.

Accelerated iteration is good for you!

Happy painting!

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Not much of a winter here yet…


Still I better at least be sketching  waiting for some real snowlandscape.

For really good and inspiring lanscapepaintings check out Stapleton Kearns !

He also provides the BEST advice out there for any budding artist at his blog.

A good New Year to you!

Happy Painting!

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Crude but attitude

Crayon drawing of Deborah Dyer

I  just picked up the red, black and white chalks, and started drawing again. I love this girls attitude… and her voice :-)

I suppose I better paint her in oils too.

(Got to remember not to have those long brakes from drawing… and posting…and…and…what was that again?)

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Croquis – sketching with the non-dominant hand

I thought I would share some of the non-dominant hand croquis sketches. I am still not sure what is going on and why the resulting sketches turn out so surprisingly good in terms of eye-hand coordination.

I did notice that I sketched a lot more deliberate and careful and also at a much slower pace.

Another thing I noticed was that I actually held the chalk down on the paper a bit more, not lifting it off the paper just as much. Always a good thing, my teacher keep saying!

It also rested your dominant hand somewhat and of course it felt a lot ”easier” to start sketching with your dominant hand again. I think you should try it, you might be suprised.

Happy sketching :-)

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Croquis – what to draw with?

I have tested an oil based pencil to see how it suits me when drawing croquis.It turns out to work fairly well. I can draw very light lines as well as press down hard for accents. Since it is oil based there is no way to quickly smudge out some areas to describe form.

I also tried an ordinary 2B pencil.

It was more difficult to get really dark accent compared to the oil based pencil. Smudging was more or less impossible.

Then I did the drawing in 2B pencil and tried to shift to 9B pencil just for areas to be smudged with the stump. It just did not work and it just felt awkward to shift three times during this short time and I couldnt get a decent shadow in place anyhow.

The last examples is with the soft chalk,the same I used in my first croquis session.

I just love to be able to get real darks when I draw and with the chalk that works. The drawbacks of not getting really light and fine lines with the chalk could be somewhat remedied by developing  a lighter touch. Even ordinary lightly applied chalklines appear light in comparison to really heavy darks, so I am prepared to accept this minor drawback.

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Croquis – First impressions

I have heard so many positive opinions about attending life drawing or croquis as we call it. I finally got the opportunity and it was in many ways challenging.

I went for chalk to draw with and a blending stump to add some shadows.  It was okay but it was difficult to get fine lines compared to an ordinary 2B pencil. On the other hand it was easy to do the shadows.

We worked in progressively shorter poses ending up with 30 seconds as the shortest.

We also had to try drawing with our non dominant hand.  Now that was a challenge but it went well much to my surprise.

The longest pose was for 10 minutes. Obviously there was more time so I could manage to add some white chalk for highlights and I drew on a tan coloured paper.

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Why so quite?

M´m bmsm!

Cmtch mmm lmtmr.

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Alla seconda (?)

Portrait of a dog when alla prima drags on to the next day

Portrait of a dog when alla prima drags on to the next day

What do you call an alla prima session that drags on to the next day? I thought that technique could be named ”alla seconda”, it has a nice ring to it.  There is some complications there linguistically and semantically, I am sure, but I am too tired to figure it out right now. Suggestions are welcome until …next day of course! Otherwise alla seconda stays :-)


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Sharp and focused

It is a very interesting subject matter, dogs, with endless variation of appearence and expression.
Man’s oldest friend :-)

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Bastian – Västgötaspets

Bastian - Västgötaspets

This guy, Bastian, is a Västgötaspets.  Västgötaspets is a very old swedish breed of dogs. The Vikings got help with herding cattle from this guys ancestors.

We love him and he loves us right back!

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