Testing Hahnemuhle blue Ingres paper

I want to use a paper with dark toned middle value for upcoming portfolio work. So far I have tried Lana color and Fabriano Tiziano pastell paper. I liked Fabriano best since Lana color easily can get spots if you overwork an area with blending and handling like that. Of course different chalks could make better result on that paper.

In my search for old master drawings I found a wonderful tutorial an Prud’hons technique at Rebecca Alzofon’s site http://www.art.net/~rebecca/OnPrudon1.html

She has some suggestions on papers to use and she mentions Hahnemuhle Ingres as a beginners choice when learning the technique.

I find it is a bit thin and flimsy for my taste and also that it releases some lint (fibres) after extensive blendings. Anyway, it could just be me that must develop a lighter hand. But I love the value and the color 🙂

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2 svar på Testing Hahnemuhle blue Ingres paper

  1. Nancy skriver:

    Much appreciated for the information and share!

  2. admin skriver:

    Glad it was helpful and you are welcome, Nancy!

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