Ink and wash trials 2

There is another way of handling the wash part of the ”ink and wash” drawing and that is to use watercolour pencils for the coloured wash.

In this example the sketch is done in ordinary pencil and after that the water resistant ink lines is put down. Then you can go a head and use the watercolour pencils and then apply water with a brush or a brush pen( the easy hasslefree way to go about it).

Ideally the fountain pen you use should be able to produce fine lines as well as broad ones (there are flexnib models that are supposed to be able to do that). In lack of such a fountain pen you can get finer lines if you turn the nib backside down when you draw.

Happy sketching!

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2 svar på Ink and wash trials 2

  1. JO'. skriver:

    Hi Robert,

    love this style. your images are superb. Thank you for posting them.


  2. admin skriver:

    Hi JO,
    Thank you for your kind words and I am glad you liked them! I like your watercolour work!


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