Ink and wash trials

I was trying out the fountain pen solution for my ink and wash work in my sketchbook. There sure is a lot to choose from when it comes to fountain pens and inks suitable for them.

I have tried Lamy Safari pen and Noodler’s regular piston filler and the ebonite pen. They all work fine for casual sketchbook work.  The real challenge is to find the right combination of ink, paper and pen(nib). I am still working on that but for now my setup is a regular fountain pen for water resistant ink and a couple more for the washable inks.

My earlier post ”Ink and wash after Canaletto” was made with Rohrer & Klingner sepia ink. It behaved nicely for that application. The example in this post was done with Noodlers Polar Black ink for the water resistant lines and their brown and blue-black for the coloured washes.

Happy sketching!

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