Expectations when sketching and drawing on location


Sketching on location is an intrigueing passtime with a specific set of problems to tackle.

How much time do I have for this particular subject? What is it that I want to capture? Technical and proportional depicting, the particular light or the general mood and feeling of the subject?

One of my former teachers (hi Matthew! ;-)) gave some interesting insights to what to expect from drawing within a given time. So it is an important lesson and ” a man got to know his limitations” when it comes to drawing. If you define sketching to take around 5 minutes you can’t expect absolute correctnes and minute detailes, it’s not possible!


When you do have more then 15-20 minutes you kind of enter the drawing state as i see it. That gives you more options as to what to refine. It could be attention to detailes, texture or balancing the values more accurately.

But the drawing state tends to ”draw you into the picture” and time suddenly abandons the laws of physics and you can end up missing appointments, coffebrakes, lunches or whatever :-) That is all mild hazards but coming to grips with what you can do in a given time really helps you how to tackle the next drawing or sketch and it ultimately is another tool in the ”artsupplybox”.

Happy sketching :-)

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