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Not school yet

Exploring new techniques again The drybrush technique isn’t part of any school tradition but is the preferred method of portrait drawing/painting among street artist of Moscow. I can see why but it takes a bit of getting used to, several … Continue reading

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Acrylic painting with a classical approach!

Acrylic painting can have a classical feel to them. Check out Will Kemp Art School and prepare yourself for high quality advice for any aspiring artist. He also has a lot of information on portrait techniques. I enjoyed myself learning … Continue reading

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Water and oil – what a mix!

I like Winsor & Newton Artisan oils and the fact that you can use water as thinner with them. It is a good thing that oil and water do mix Happy painting!

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Old school

Red porous sedimentary rock – chalk -on blue paper.  This is an interesting combination and the master that inspired me was Scott Bartner and his beautiful drawings that can be found at his site , check out ’works on … Continue reading

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I have some artfriends that are challenging each other into trying new mediums, new techniques and things like that in order to grow and learn more in the artfield. Lately I have been encouraged and inspired by them to try … Continue reading

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Expectations when sketching and drawing on location

Sketching on location is an intrigueing passtime with a specific set of problems to tackle. How much time do I have for this particular subject? What is it that I want to capture? Technical and proportional depicting, the particular light … Continue reading

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Nero in Rome Burning

It was a real pleasure to add ”Rome Burning”, by Noodler´s Ink, to the”Ink bottle family”! Konrad says hi and he is happy with his new home Robert

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Sketchcrawling in Öresund

Safehaven on Sketchcrawling Day.

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Always plenty of time for sketching?

I know I don’t sketch everyday and I blame it on the lack of time. Solution: very fast sketching I found good advice in David Rankins book Fast sketching Techniques. And the book I came across at site. He … Continue reading

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Graphite minus ink

Trying to come to terms with my new sketchbook. I found it works well with graphite and coloured leads Yes, he is into Beethoven and the sketchbook is the famous Moleskine.

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