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Ink and graphite (and some wax)

I have been experimenting with really quick sketching lately where I want to get three values down fast with clearly defined values. Ink is the simplest way to get the dark value (with some exception depending on paper). The middlevalue … Continue reading

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Wash with ink or watercolor?

There are more options!  Water resistant ink and then watercolor washes premixed in a brush pen, sweet way to do it In this example the complete sketch is done with water resistant ink. After that I restate some choice lines … Continue reading

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Ink and wash trials 2

There is another way of handling the wash part of the ”ink and wash” drawing and that is to use watercolour pencils for the coloured wash. In this example the sketch is done in ordinary pencil and after that the … Continue reading

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Ink and wash trials

I was trying out the fountain pen solution for my ink and wash work in my sketchbook. There sure is a lot to choose from when it comes to fountain pens and inks suitable for them. I have tried Lamy Safari … Continue reading

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Having inkfever

I have been wanting to get back to learning more about ink drawing and pen and wash. I have studied some Rembrandt pen and wash and know it is going to take a long time to get that simplified yet … Continue reading

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Timefactor 1

I have not been drawing for months and that is not a good thing. It ruins your eye-hand coordination for one but generally making all aspects of the drawing ability suffer. So, slumps happen and all you can do is try to … Continue reading

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Spicing up with contrast

 I felt a bit disappointed after the charchoal trial when the full spectrum of values was not there. After doing some thinking I suddenly remembered Igor Kazarin, and his drybrush technique. He is able to produce wonderful portraits with this technique … Continue reading

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I found this plate from Charles Bargues book; Drawing course. I just love that face and I just had to try and copy it.  It was nice to try something with the Ingres paper. I noticed I could not get a really … Continue reading

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Testing Hahnemuhle blue Ingres paper

I want to use a paper with dark toned middle value for upcoming portfolio work. So far I have tried Lana color and Fabriano Tiziano pastell paper. I liked Fabriano best since Lana color easily can get spots if you overwork … Continue reading

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Reverse thinking a positive experience

Lightening up. Looking at the bright side of the life (still). You know what I mean, drawing the light instead of the shadows…simply drawing in reverse 

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