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Sharp and focused

It is a very interesting subject matter, dogs, with endless variation of appearence and expression. Man’s oldest friend 🙂

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Bastian – Västgötaspets

This guy, Bastian, is a Västgötaspets.  Västgötaspets is a very old swedish breed of dogs. The Vikings got help with herding cattle from this guys ancestors. We love him and he loves us right back!

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Not school yet

Exploring new techniques again 🙂 The drybrush technique isn’t part of any school tradition but is the preferred method of portrait drawing/painting among street artist of Moscow. I can see why but it takes a bit of getting used to, … Fortsätt läsa

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Spicing up with contrast

 I felt a bit disappointed after the charchoal trial when the full spectrum of values was not there. After doing some thinking I suddenly remembered Igor Kazarin, http://www.art-portrets.ru/dry_brush_technique.html and his drybrush technique. He is able to produce wonderful portraits with this technique … Fortsätt läsa

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